Sing Spring

Release the hold of winter's guilt

Let birds and buds

stitch nature's quilt.

Taken from a quilt pattern of the same name, Birds in Air is bursting with the color and joy of Spring. The three triangles at the top, replicate birds in flight, while the painting, itself, blooms with flowers, buds and all manner of birds. Please see my Gallery for more details.



 Sing me a song of the boundless sea

Where winds blow long, and I am free

Strike the main, let the jib unfurl,

And bring me true love with a mermaid girl!

These charming maids are luring more than sailors. They would love to bring their whimsical nature and brilliant color to nestle alongside each other on a wall of shelf. Please see the Gallery for more information.






There is nothing more winsome than my dear friend, Chanticleer, who has stopped by to , well...make himself known! He is alive with color....and attitude....and he and his mate (see Gallery for details) are ready and waiting to "wake up" your home!





 For the past seven years Judy has been honored by Early American Life's Master Craftsmen Award, given to only 200 artists nationally who demonstrate a mastery of their craft as well as an adherence to using the original  tools andl methods in their creation.





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