Judith Brinck - Folkart :: by My Hand & Pen

Folk art, furniture and fine crafts by American artists

For almost sixteen years, Judy has been creating folk art paintings.

Pennsylvania German fraktur, a centerpiece of Judy's design work has taken her to new levels in recent years. Fraktur comes from the German word for "fracture", a description applied to the broken look of letters done in early calligraphy. Based on a style practiced primarily by ministers and schoolmasters of 18th and 19th century Pennsylvania German communities, fraktur consists of symbols and calligraphic writing passed on from earlier European roots. Popular motifs, include birds, angels, tulips, mermaids and animals. Early scriveners, as many of the professional fraktur artists were called,often made their own pigments which was mixed with a type of gum binder made from the oak or cherry tree. Pigments were sometimes liquified in whiskey and mixed with iron salts to became iron gall ink. Using quill pens and brushes made from domestic cat hair, fraktur artists decorated deeds, baptisimal and marriage certificates (taufscheins), hymnals, writing samples (vorschrifts) and book plates. Laid paper, made from pulp pressed through a small mesh screen, was first used, replaced later by wove paper.

Based on extensive research, Judy's original watercolors reflect a thorough knowledge of the subject. Her original interpretations are available online, and through discriminating shops and galleries, including Four Winds Craft Guild and Sylvia Antiques on beautiful Nantucket, Massachusetts, where her originals are sold.

For the past five years, Judy has been selected by Early American Life Magazine for the Best Craftsman Award, awarded each year to only 200 crafts people nationally who have distinguished themselves for their master craftsmanship and adherence to historic accuracy.

She has been a participant in The Newport Showhouse Guild Showhouse and has been featured in New England Showhouse, New England Interiors, Early American Life, and Cape Cod Life magazines.

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